We Are Codustry

We believe that making great products requires seeing the world in a different light. We are Codustry, and we are striving to innovate and create incredible apps and solutions for you
To Question, Strike and Maintain Digital World's Balances. We engineer our products, services, and infrastructures in a circular, dynamic, millennium-long fashion.
To be Earth's most humane company, where stakeholders wish to do business with us for 1000+ years.

Move with Urgency and Focus

Our users entrust us with their money, their businesses, and their livelihoods. Millions of businesses around the world (individuals, startups, and large enterprises) are open for business only if we are. When we mess up, miss a deadline, or slow down, it matters. We take that responsibility seriously.

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We love showing off our ridiculously talented team.

Nutchanon Ninyawee

Lead Engineer

Thunpisit Amnuaikiatloet

Lead Business & Design

Theeradon Dantago

Software Engineer

Thitirat Wongtanasit

Company Secretary

Harit Chokthananuchit

Financial Advisor

Don't let your precious skills and freetime go to waste. Work with us, get paid, and help people to create the next big thing.