2015, Year That It All Started

"Always remembered our roots". We are proud to meet friends and coleague along the jouney since we started as a little team back in 2015.

The Co-Founders

With 21th century, we are able to curated top developers from all around the world in one place. We have a diverse group of developers with the same goal is to perfect work they put into the project. Nutchanon & Thunpisit are the core of Codustry that leads Company into the future.

Codustry Timeline

2015 - Team Codustry
Codustry was initially formed as a group of undergraduate university developers in 2015 to develop applications and tools that would help make our lives easier.
2019 - Codustry Pte. Ltd.
In August 2019, Codustry was registered as Codustry Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. The purpose of having a legal entity is for us to exist officially and expands our products and services around the world.
2020 - Codustry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
With a surge in customers based in Thailand we decided to registered company in Thailand as well as existed one in Singapore. Thailand branch will dedicated on supporting Thai's customers localized WebAssembly.