Work at Codustry

At Codustry, digital nomads get to choose their space-time with his cozy laptop. Once the internet is connected, they rush to the digital capital of Codustry where extraordinary impact origininates.

Our Core Values

Don't let your precious skills and freetime go to waste. Work with us, get paid, and help people to create the next big thing.
Are you a day or night worker? That doesn't matter because at Codustry you can work at your own choosen time.
Working along the professional in the industry. You will be able to learn how things work on planning each project.
Moving up the ladder is a piece of pie. When you learn new skill sets, come talk to team leader directly and we will evalutate.

Opening Positions

All our positions are completely remote and hourly basis, which means you can work from anywhere around the world at your own pace
Software Engineer, Flutter
You'll be working along with your fellow developers on Mobile and Web apps using Flutter
Software Engineer, Python
You'll be working along with team leader with project in area of machine learning and APIs